Hello everyone, I’m back with another web update about the brewery.  It’s been an interesting past few months and we have been dealing with finding a new engineer for our well system.  Fortunately, we’ve found a local company that’s willing to take on the challenge.  We have had issues for several months and we are hoping to finally (crossing our fingers) complete our highly specialized well and water treatment system.

If you haven’t heard, our TTB license was approved since our last update, which is the fancy paperwork that allows us to brew and sell beer to the public (WooHoo!).  It’s been a long and sometimes frustrating waiting game, but in the end it will be worth it.  As for now, we’re looking at an opening date within the next three to four months if all goes as planned.

Don’t forget to check out our video update below along with another tour of the progress.

Mirinda @ Jones Creek Brewing


Jones Creek Brewing Update